CoGo for Business

CoGo for Business Program lets you subsidize the cost of CoGo annual memberships for your employees, providing an easy, convenient, and sustainable option to get around Columbus. Get started today by filling out the Enrollment Form.

Enroll Now

    Easy Enrollment: Tell us about your organization and where to send your bills, and we’ll set up your account.
    Promote: We’ll provide you with the sign-up instructions and collateral to share with your employees.

    Manage: Verifying that only eligible folks sign up under your account is part of the standard flow. We’ve got it covered for you.

    Ride: Members can ride immediately after signing up by using the Lyft app.


CoGo for Business memberships include an unlimited number of 45-minute rides in a 12-month period on classic CoGo bicycles. The rider is responsible for any additional usage fees that are incurred (for example, if they choose to upgrade to an ebike or take a trip longer than 45 minutes).

You’ll only pay for the members of your organization who join through your account.

Getting Started

When you’re ready to join the CoGo for Business program, please complete the enrollment form. We’ll follow up with your dedicated account info and sign-up instructions for your employees.

Program management

We’re here for you. Whether you have a question about your company’s account, or an employee needs help, there’s a team of friendly folks at CoGo dedicated to the CoGo for Business Program. Our mission is to get new butts on bikes! Let us know how we can help.


We will invoice you on a monthly basis for all of your people that sign up for a membership in each month.


This is awesome! If I sign up now, when can my employees start riding?

  • After you fill out the enrollment form, we’ll have your account all set up within 72 hours. Once we send you the signup information, share it with your team, and employees can start signing up and riding immediately!

My employees are currently working from home. Can this be used for reasons other than a commute to the office?

  • Yes! With a CoGo annual membership, there are no limitations regarding timing, location, or reasons for riding. Your employees will be able to take unlimited 45-minute rides for an entire year and have access to our entire CoGo system.

How can I ensure only my employees sign up for the discount?

  • To access an organization’s special rate, employees will sign up using a unique program code for your organization. For enhanced validation, we can require employees to verify their work-issued email through the registration process.

What happens if an employee leaves my company?

  • When an employee leaves the company, there is no action required by the program manager. Their CoGo annual membership is good for a full year, even if the employee leaves your organization before the subscription is up. You will not receive a refund or prorated amount and the employee will be responsible for their own renewal.

Can an existing CoGo member take advantage of the discount?

Yes! Employees that are existing members can take advantage of your organization’s subsidized rate.

  • If an employee signed up for a membership within the past 14 days: We’ll transfer them into your company’s program. Please have the individual reach out to CoGo Customer Service for assistance.

  • If the employee has been a CoGo member for more than 14 days: They can take advantage of the subsidized rate when their membership comes up for renewal (60 days before expiration) if they are still an active employee at the time of renewal. Follow the renewal instructions below.

How do renewals work?

  • CoGo for Business memberships do not auto-renew. To renew a membership into your company’s program, follow the renewal instructions.

Renewal instructions (Riders must wait until their membership is expired to renew)

  1. Log in to your CoGo account at

  2. Select ‘Renew’ under Membership Details

  3. Select ‘Get Started’ under Student or Corporate Discount

  4. Enter the program code into the discounted memberships popup

  5. Complete Enrollment

Members who are no longer eligible for the subsidized rate have the option to renew at the standard member rate, and Employers will not be billed.

Can we buy 1 membership and share it amongst my employees?

  • Memberships are non-transferable and cannot be shared among users.


If you have any questions about the CoGo for Business membership program, please contact

CoGo Terms and Conditions - View here