CoGo for All

CoGo for All offers affordable, accessible, and fun transportation options for everyone, regardless of income. Our program allows those who qualify for certain state or federal assistance programs to sign up individually.


  • $5 Annual Membership
  • Unlimited 45-minute Classic bike trips (5¢/min after that) and 5¢/min bike trips*
  • Bikes available 24/7/365 throughout service area

*Ebikes may be parked at CoGo stations for free or any public bike rack in the service area for $1. Parking outside the service area and parking violations each incur an additional $25 fee. Parking violations include locking the ebike to itself, private property, trees, signposts, or any other structures as well as blocking pathways, sidewalks, or ramps.


CoGo For All is available to Columbus residents aged 18 and older receiving SNAP (WIC EBT and EBT), or a discounted utility bill.

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Ready to start riding? Apply online today and we’ll be in touch shortly to confirm your qualifications have been approved.

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Setting up your account

  1. How does the application process work? Apply online and we’ll walk you through submitting proof of eligibility via a state/federal assistance program or a discounted utility bill. We’ll be in touch shortly afterwards to confirm approval.
  2. Can I sign up in person? Not at the moment, but we’re continuously improving the program and look forward to working with local partners for in-person support in the future.
  3. How can I ride? You can link a bike key to your account or ride using the Lyft app.


  1. How can I pay? By credit, debit, or prepaid card.
  2. How do I get a prepaid card? Prepaid cards are available at hundreds of retailers in the Columbus area where members can purchase and load cash value to the card — no social security number, bank account, credit card, or identification required.
  3. What type of prepaid card? We accept all open-loop cards, so you can select the card that works best for you.