Columbus Art Rides: The Southwest Route

Check out the city's celebrated gardens and historical sites – plus enjoy a stunning view of Downtown Columbus.

Developed by Columbus Public Health, Art Rides uses a cycling map and an audio tour to educate both visitors and locals alike about Columbus architecture, art and history.

If you'd like to reference the map, download the MyColumbus Mobile App or check it out at the Columbus Art Rides website. To hear the audio of each destination over the phone, dial (614) 645-2646 and enter the 3-digit extension number associated.

Our recommended ride will follow the Southwest Route and include all nearby CoGo stations, so you can stop and go and enjoy these 9 attractions at your leisure:

  1. Grab a CoGo bike from the Scioto Audubon Center station. You will begin your tour here, at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. To hear the audio description, call (614) 645-2646 and enter extension 616.

  2. For the 2nd attraction, follow West Whittier St east until you hit Front St, where you will ride four blocks north. Here you will discover the King Gambrinus Statue (extension 610). If you wish to explore this area on foot, just drop off your bike at the nearby CoGo station Front St and Beck St. When you're ready to continue, grab another bike from that station.

  3. Ride a few blocks north on S Front St and you will find destination number 3, the historic brewery buildings (extensions 607, 608, 620 - 622).

  4. Continue north on S Front St. Turn west on Mound St and ride to 2nd St. Take a right to head north on 2nd St until you hit Main St, where you will arrive at the 4th attraction, Bicentennial Park (extension 573). If you’d like to have lunch or just explore the park on foot, drop off your bike at the Bicentennial Park CoGo Station and pick up another one when you're ready.

  5. For your next adventure, cross the Main St bridge over the picturesque Scioto River and head north on Starling St to Town St. Head west on Town St to Avondale Ave, where you will find the 5th stop, Avondale Elementary School (extension 362). On your way, you will pass the CoGo station Lucas St and Town St, if you wish to stop and drop off your bike.

  6. Next, head south on Avondale Ave one block, then turn east onto Rich St, where you'll arrive at the Franklinton Gardens (extension 361).

  7. To experience a stunning view of Downtown Columbus, take Rich St east to McDowell St, then Head north on McDowell two blocks to Town St. Take a right to go east, then turn north on Belle St to W Broad St and follow it to the East Side of COSI at 333 W Broad St. Enjoy the panorama (extension 350). The Cosi CoGo station is right there, if you wish to take a break and enjoy lunch or a snack.

  8. To continue, head south from Broad St. to Washington Blvd and go east over the Rich St bridge. Take 2nd St to Main St. Follow Main St, then turn south onto High St and ride 9 blocks to Sycamore St. Go east 3 blocks and you will run into your 8th stop, St. Mary’s Church (extension 312).

  9. To reach your final destination, ride south on 3rd St for 8 blocks, where you will arrive at Schiller Park (extension 316). You can return your bike there at the Schiller Park - Stewart Ave CoGo station, or you can head north on 3rd St and turn west onto Whittier to circle back to the Scioto Audubon Center station.

The total distance is 6.7 miles. It should take 50 to 70 minutes, depending on how long you stop to enjoy each stop. Remember, the first 30 minutes of each ride are included in the Day Pass price, and if you want to keep your bike out for longer, it's just an extra $2 for each additional 30 minutes. Or to reset your ride timer and avoid extra fees, just dock your bike every 30 minutes at any CoGo station along the way and pick up a new bike when you're ready to continue.